I just went to the laundromat and fetched some mini donuts from the vending machine. When I got there, the neighbor below me (a *very* loud, and terribly…”wild”, I would say, pest) was sitting there talking to another (never before seen) neighbor, and they were discussing the earthquake we had earlier. nnAn hour or so ago, I was organizing some ish around the apartment, and packing up hygiene gear in the bathroom, when I heard a VERY loud bang/crash, and I had *assumed* that there was a nearby accident of some kind, OR it was more blasting at the quarry down the road from here (loud blasts occur often, somewhat shaking the building, causing sinkholes to appear all over the place in Oakville). And I wrote it off as…whatever.nnBut they (the laundromat goers) explained that Missouri had a 3.X earthquake earlier, and THAT was what I heard.nnEarthquakes are rare in this state. The last time I felt/noticed one was in 2009/10 when I was at Sunset Point Apartments in Crystal City, Missouri, and the framed photos I had on my wall started to shake/vibrate, and it lasted for roughly a minute. That was the first (and only, until today) earthquake I had ever experienced.nnAnyway, just thought I’d mention that. I’ve got other ish to do today, but an earthquake is quasi eventful, so there we go ;)nnmore updates soon

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