Why I profess my positivity on the WWW for anyone to read is another story altogether. But, here I am, saying that I am *trying* to be a POSITIVE person in this world. I mean, in general, I am a pretty nice person to be around. Jovial, uplifting, optimistic, etc., – but, I don’t see a lot of *other* folks online this way. And I don’t have some curating algorithm or the profiling of social media (when a service builds a profile on who they THINK you are) to blame for WHY I see so much negative stuff in the world. It’s just…how it is, I suppose. nnAnd I am not expecting a windfall time of happiness to be occurring at my fingertips, at every click, on every site. nnBut whatever. I will not complain. I will continue to *try* to remain positive even though this planet gives me little reason to do so.nnAnd yes, I know, “the great outdoors”, and “nature”, and on and on can/do help with this feeling of doom-ridden malaise – but I mean damn, short of throwing my laptop in the trash and becoming a 24/7 Luddite, how *can* I avoid this shit? I don’t “doomscroll” or “waste time on TikTok”, or spend hours upon days endlessly staring at memes and photos to the point where I feel nothing but emptiness. I just live my life. Sometimes write a blog post. Share my thoughts. Avoid the news. nnMaybe my medications are no longer working? Maybe *I* am the problem (for myself)?nnWho knows?

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