What have we seen with the Biden Administration? So far? Besides the “woke” ring kissing of the upper-class the same old/same old, Old Guard, status quo reinforcements of “the ways of old”? nnIn fact, I will not go on a tangent, but I will say this: I am going to vote for his opponent in 2024. Hands down. It’s been a year, and Biden is still too timid and weak to just **tell** the American people that there should be lockdowns (vaccine mandates just piss people off – people CAN and WILL quit over the mandate, and in the long run, it will be the *combination* of vaccines *and* lockdowns that will beat this virus (whatever crazy, mutated variant we are dealing with by the time that time comes)).nnI don’t deal with politics often, but Biden fully acknowledges the COVID pandemic, yet refuses to (significantly) act. And I bet 70% of his votes in 2020 (I am throwing that number out there, I have nothing to back it up) were simply anti-Trump votes, and not because Biden had any type of vision for anything anywhere. nnSo, again, I will stop myself from going on a political tangent. Just for anyone reading this, just know that I am *not* for the Biden Administration. And I. do. not. give. a. single. fuck. who runs in 2024 (as his opponent), they will have my vote. Wholesale.nnend of mini rant

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