This is gonna sound like an obscure description, but I sometimes wonder if I am "propped up on principles"? Meaning, I try very hard to avoid using social media, and I try very hard to avoid reading the news, and I try very hard at being a consistent writer, journaler, diarist, whatever. And I do all of this out of sheer principles priorities. I mean, I DO understand that social media was/is an addiction for me, and I had to get over it (and am still getting over it), and I will not go back, but principled ways of thinking are only as good as the psychological foundation you (I) base them on. I think I have a VERY GOOD psychological foundation (in terms of not doing anything I am not 100% "in control" of, or not doing anything that isn't in the best interest of my "core values"), so, I should just stick to that.

It all works out :)