What I mean by this is, am I enjoying being de-listed from Of course, *I* took this blog off of R.w.a myself – not like I was *actually* banished by anyone, *I* decided to keep this bloggo “Unlisted” (but not Private), and I quite enjoy it this way.nnBut it *is* silly, that I continue to pay for, or even use, a blogging platform when all these words can be hammered out all the same in some offline notebook or something. Being Listed was *too* “public”, *too* “out there”, and it was weighing on my conscience and my abilities as a writer, I felt. I think writing should happen as an act of self-servitude, and be without fanfare of *any* type – just me, the words, and a few readers to follow along should they wish to do so (which I am forever grateful for).nnBut, I am sure the R.w.a community appreciates the reprieve from **ALL** the junk I put “Public” on that platform/feed, as it was genuinely too much. I have too much/so much to say, and not everyone *has* to see it for whatever superfluous reason.nnIt’s a passion hobby, though – or really, a lifestyle. Fxxx it, yea, it’s a lifestyle, to be a writer. To BE one who continuously (several hours a day) writes of *this* subject or *that*. It’s also a privilege, but not much of a responsibility, I think. I couldn’t *stop* if I tried my best, so I stopped fighting it a long time ago (not that I tried to fight it very much, mind you – I *love* writing!). So many ways to do it, go about it, and parts of the mind that can be explored that would otherwise (likely) lay dormant and undisturbed.nnBut here’s a question: **Am I going to amount to anything?**nnIt’s a sincere query. Am I going to get to work on doing some significant document (book, e-book, whatever) and do an “author thing”? Will it *always* be (digital, online) journal entries until I meet my maker? Of course I have no crystal ball on the subject, but, where’s it all going? What’s it “all about”? And as HST would say: “What now? What comes next?”nnI guess I’ll have to wait and see

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