I [wrote this blog post]( a couple months back, and the *intention* I had with this blog post (or series of blog posts, as you can see) was to jump straight into Github ([which I still have an account with](, and do everything via text editor > Github Desktop > blah blah, etc.nnBut why?nnI am not scared of my Terminal. I am also pretty analytical (or, anal – lol) about **editing** the code I put in an `.html` or `.php` file (or *any* file) so it is “just so” before I save it. And if something breaks – I go back and fix it. I am also fairly patient in terms of doing Control+X > Shift+Y > Return (or in other words, **saving** the file I just edited), and seeing it go live on the website in-question.nnNow, I understand, if someone is first getting into web dev, then yes, get a text editor (like I use Atom (sometimes)), use an IDE, do *this*, do *that*, get with Github, and yada yada. But…I just sort of do everything within the Terminal when I am SSH’d into the VPS. nnIs this complete bafoonery? Am I being reckless/dumb?nnSo far, this “way” of doing things (the “unGit Method”) seems to be working out OK for me. It’s a LOT less configuration, a LOT more *raw*, and it just gets things done much faster from where I’m sitting.nnBut maybe I’m “out there”, IDK. I’m gonna keep doing it this way, though.nn:)nnBack laternn#dev

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