So, some clutter has been DE-cluttered. My mind is feeling (a bit) clearer, my mood improving, life getting better ;)

Also, it is cold outside. Dark as the middle of the forest (barely any street lamps in this apartment complex - why, I don't know). And quiet as an abandoned warehouse. Feels like something could jump out and GET me when I go outside at this hour, haha. But of course, this area is a safe(r) part of S St Louis County, but venture a couple miles up the road, and you'd be lucky if someTHING or someONE didn't "jump out and get you"!

Anyway, just feeling spooked from how god damn ominous it felt outside just now. No bother, though. When the sun rises, I will start a load of laundry, get that out of the way, and carry right along with my day.

No other updates for the time being. Just enjoying the quiet morning. Back soon.