In about a week I will be 38 years old, so I will hobble (literally) into the 38th year with my bum leg, and be grateful that I am still here (on Earth). It’s weird, getting older – it’s like out of the blue I am just *there*, living my life as an “old guy”, and it is pretty cool, I gotta say. Even though I am not *that* old, I am getting there, for sure.nnAnd since it has been roughly a year since I got this MacBook Air, I will comment on it, as well (because…IDK why). I bought (or was gifted – and then paid back a portion of) this MBA in November 2020, and it is the 10th Gen Intel i3, 8GB RAM, 256 SSD model – so NOT the M1 model (which I think M1’s will burn up and be all but useless in several years time, and I do not want that to happen to this computer) – and I gotta say, this little laptop is seeing me through just fine. Before this, I had an HP Chromebox, before that a RPi 4, before that RPi 3, and then Chromebooks before that, a refurbished MBA or two in between 2014-2017 (all of them *old* models from like 2011, or so), and as of now, this MBA 2020 has served me the best of *all* new computers I have ever had in my life. In fact, the only NEW computer I ever had besides this one was a Samsung Chromebook Series 3 in 2013-2015, and that thing ran fairly well, really. I mean, I can count my iPad Air 2 as a “new computer” (and they *are* computers), and when I got that, I immediately sold off my (refurb) MBA at the time, because the iPad ran better/smoother, and just used iPad exclusively for close to a year (along with a smartphone). But, despite all computational devices, this laptop that I am on right now has worked out the best (so far, and I hope it *stays* that way).nnAnd I hope to get an additional four years out of it, if I can. Refurbished units can eek out some more life if I want them to (though, I never refurbished anything *myself* in my life), but when it comes time to move on after four-ish years, I will do so just fine. Onto what? I have no clue, and do not care at this point.nnThe coffee is cooled now, so I will now drink it :)nnBack later

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