Two anniversaries, actually. One just passed (which I forgot about), and one is on Mar.1 2022.

The first anniversary:

Jan. 7 2021 is when I fired up the VPS for Thanx, and though I had been reading/researching a lot of web dev stuff before then, including starting/crashing a few of my own leased virtual private servers, I didn't actually start the Thanx VPS until said date. So, one year with Thanx!

Mar. 1 2020 is when I officially went off the news. As in, all mainstream media (and basically all alternative media, as well). It just so happened to coincide with the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, and I was just going to try to avoid the news as much as possible for the month of March (for my own sanity), but then, COVID started and I decided that my best bet was to just turn it all off, wholesale, and not revisit the news/press/media ever again, basically. No regrets and I am not looing back.

For me, there is simply too much negativity in the media (social and mainstream both), so I just take a hard pass on all that shit. Doomscrolling, rage-induced clicks, human-to-human expressions of hatred amongst anyone and everyone online - to hell with all of that. I have better things to do with my time. Even if that means doing nothing on some days, I would prefer to do absolutely nothing than do rude shit on the Internet. However, now, it is almost all that some people have left. I won't go into the nuance of Internet/social media/information addiction, but, some folks are genuinely hopeless and (like a gambler) they will never change.

But anyway, two small anniversaries for me, and I am proud of both of them.

Good times