Had supper (a light, pancake dinner, because I need to go grocery shopping for GOOD food), had coffee, watched some BS on YouTube and what *IS* life, anyway? LMAO! I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to just sit in my apartment for hella hours (or days!) on end and not DO a whole hell of a lot. I mean in terms of “doing” or being a “productive person”, that is neither here nor there – I don’t care what GETS done. I mean, I want to be OUT **DOING** things. And not just day hikes every week or anything like that – I mean *prolonged* stays at different “far out” locations.nnMaybe I should vagabond over to Viet Nam or Bali like [Mike’s Places]( did for a while? (he is elsewhere now, but still traveling!). Or perhaps…actually, yea, VN or Bali would be my first two (and most desirable) options to be quite honest. I mean what do I have to know? Nothing! Find an AirBnb, get my money in order, get a ticket and ROLL! (it’s more nuanced than that, but not “difficult” in any way).nnBeing double-vaxxed + boosted helps things along, too. No criminal record to speak of. I have NO clue what my credit score is (and doesn’t matter whatsoever for travel, anyway). nnTravel urges hit me sometimes. I should listen to them.

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