I just vacuum'd the apartment, which took an entire six minutes to do, haha. 430 sq ft is easy to care for, indeed :) So, the carpets look nice now, but I still have to really clean up the kitchen floor, because it is a damn mess. Disgusting, really. And that will be tackled with a Swiffer wet mop + good old-fashioned broom and dust pan before that.

The Dyson is a cool vacuum, but oh my damn is it heavy! Like pushing a damn car across the carpet. A stick vacuum is probably much easier, but I don't have one of those, so, beggers can't be choosers ;)

I probably picked up a small sandwich bag's worth of sidewalk salt that I tracked into the apartment over the past two Winters. It was the most messy near the entrance to my apartment.

back admin + tooth admin

My back is feeling OK (though I did have to stretch it after that vacuuming session). Thankful that it is OK.

My tooth is not hurting currently. I think (I know) it was inflammed, and the Exedrine helped (and is helping) immensely.

Overall, health could be better (in terms of back/tooth pain), but I am getting those things taken care of ASAP via doctor/dentist, so, not all hope is lost.

Anyway, I am not going anywhere for the night. I am in for the eve and will make coffee in a little bit here, find some ish online to do.

Just taking it easy

back soon