all things (posts) considered

With the W.a blog posts imported, as well as all my posts from by (sub)TMO blog (as W.a doesn't differentiate between a MAIN blog and a SIDE blog when doing a .json file export), I get this message now upon publishing on

...yay, hooray, on the verge of 10K posts! With an average of 400 words per post (I am guessing), that results with 4M words written since mid-2018. It's mid-2022 now, I that means 1M words per year. Which averages 83K+ words per month. At 20K words per week. Yea, that's probably right.

Of all these numbers, the 83K words per mo # stands out the most (to me). Imagine if I channeled/used that for actual book writing, or something that brought about money. I'd actually be able to buy standard WiFi.

Regardless, writing just always happens, and comes natural. Any "fluff" or ego associated with it (which I am guilty of partaking in, in the past), I feel indifferent about anymore. It's a (or the) thing I do - same as the black hair that grows from my scalp, or the municipality in which I reside, or the types of music I gravitate towards. Just a writer. It's whatever.

back soon

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