So, I’ve got quite the writing bug today. Been like this for a while, and that’s just how it is. That’s fine. But this is likely the fifth (or sixth) update (blog entry) I’ve done today. The others were on [(sub)TMO](, so I am going to chill it out for some of the day today after this (probably? IDK). But a brief and fast update:nn- I finished laundry, but now must shower, because it’s neededn- I cleaned up the apartment a bit, and all trash is where it needs to be, and I wiped down the kitchen counters a bit, but everything still needs to be cleaned “proper”, because I haven’t done so since returning from Montanan- I went to Schnucks, bought some food items, as well as (affordable!) TP (12 rolls for $7, can’t beat that! Comfort at such a bargain is likely not guaranteed, but it is fine, for now)n- I took the morning meds (two pills), and the process of cycling onto a new psyche med is going well. Maybe *that’s* why I am writing more? Time will tell.n- I visited the neighbor “S” this AM, too. Before going to Schnucks. He was having some multi-juice breakfast that he does every day (orange juice, then vegetable juice, then milk (sounds fairly gross and a gastrointestinal nightmare to me, but he says it “keeps him well”)).n- I also texted my best friend from childhood, as we’ve been chatting lately, and told him to text me back if/when he gets a chance todaynnn…and no other relevant happenings are occurring here.nnSome phone calls will be made, some e-mails sent, perhaps some messages replied to, etc. All is good.nnback later

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