Taped up the 1TB SSD, now it has some very grippy grip tape on it, and it has been stowed away in the "Ruggard" (actual spelling) case for it (along with wires and even instruction manual). I also Scotch taped the photos onto the cinderblock wall in the kitchen, for awesome Tumblr-esque vibes ;) LOL! Looks pretty cool.

I still have the cardboard box for the TV console pushed up against my kitchen wall, as well as a trashcan full of trash, and other things that need to be tossed into the dumpster at some point tomorrow, so that will get done first thing in the morning.

Also, I am expecting the Revolut Card to arrive in the mail on/by January 10, so that will definitely be cool, too. Now, I just need a way to add money to it, as the method of adding my (new) debit card to Google Pay, and then "Google Pay'ing" the transaction onto the Revolut app doesn't seem to work. Cannot add funds directly to my Revolut account using my current debit card, either - so, I will have to figure something out. Basically, I just want it as a backup banking/debit card option, and also to be able to accept online payments, or even a friggin' Venmo (as I cannot accept such things currently). I mean I can get a Venmo, but it can only be spent online - not with a debit card because I don't have a "chargable" debit card. That is, until I receive the Revolut Card, which can have funds added/removed at my discretion. So, that is a good thing.

Just another thing I am doing to get life in better working order, haha. Getting a U.S. Passport is another thing I am doing to "keep doors open", and also for extra identification (should the need arise for a second form of ID). Hell, even my SLCL library card can (and should) be updated. I do not GO to the library with the pandemic raging (in fact, a mask mandate just went into effect here in St Louis County recently), and much prefer to just order the books I want to read online from a store and then read them, and then donate them to the library should I not have a use for them after being read. But even that (the donation part) is on-hold until Omicron cools out in this region.

Anyway, that's all that's goin' on for now.

back soon