Had caffeine (a lot of it), got my Luckies, cleaned up the living room and kitchen (which were both a mess), and the computer is “fixed” as far as I can tell. nnI am glad I did that small “purge” the other day of apps and software that were not needed anymore, because I had a *lot* of crap on there that just didn’t need to be there. Now the MBA is basically stock (except for the fact that I never reset it, because I didn’t want to brick the thing – and I am glad I didn’t), except for Atom Editor, Standard Notes, and Joplin. Everything on those three apps remained the same, were not touched in any way. The only files I am going to pull from pCloud are the backup “web dev” folder (about 10-12 documents in it), and the “essential writings” folder (about 12-15 documents in it), and that is it. The photos can stay on Google Photos, the other extraneous apps can stay uninstalled, I just need the basics. I *will* reinstall Firefox, though, as it is better than Safari (even new Safari). Chrome – lol! Firefox is the way to go, all the way.nnBut again, I am mobile-only until I get the hotspot, which I said hella times before, so I will stop saying it.nnBack to life!nn

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