Here is the bed minus the fitted sheet and pillow, because those need to be washed, so I just put the blanket + throw blanket on it, for now...

It is still decompressing, but that will be done in another hour or so. Definitely feels better and more firm than the previous plush (and worn out) mattress. The old mattress now resides in the walk-in closet, up against the wall, and will be disposed of in due time.

Odd thing happened, though - when I snapped this pic, I e-mailed it to myself via Proton Mail so I could then d/l it on the MacBook and post the pic in desktop (as Ghost on Firefox mobile is horrible), and when I did so, I named/titled the e-mail "bed photo" and then I was prompted to create an encrypted password (if I wanted to, I decided not to) for that particular e-mail. I never got met with that prompt before, but I guess because of the nature of the title, they thought it may be sensitive media within? Weird, haha.

Anyway, here is to a slumber-filled night! :):)