Started dishes, made coffee (cooling now), have the trash ready to be taken out, and gathered my clothes for laundry.nnLater this afternoon, the CostCo order will be placed/delivered, and then I can do *REAL* dishes, because I will have Cascade, and I won’t have to run the dishwasher soapless like I have been doing for close to a week now (opting to usually wash by-hand, instead). I will also have *REAL* coffee (instant) instead of this fly-by-night camp coffee that tastes sub-par (but still drinkable, fairly enjoyable). And I will just be overall stocked up on what’s needed for around the house for a while.nnAlso, I find it fascinating (and kinda lame, really) that no one is ever able to call/e-mail me back :/ I sent out two e-mails (to the same person) regarding ish that needs to be signed for a series of things, and the person hasn’t gotten back. My caseworker hasn’t returned a single phone call, either. Everything seems to be on hold or in limbo for some reason, and it is getting annoying.nnBut anyway, not too busy of a day here today, I don’t think. I will try to (finally) reschedule my therapy appointment for tomorrow, because I cancelled last time due to leg pain, inability to focus. So, I will get that scheduled for tomorrow or sometime early next week, maybe (hopefully tomorrow).nnSo, that about does it for now. I will update here soon.nn

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