TV console has arrived, and I assembled it in roughly 25 minutes, not a big deal at all, and now the TV sits atop, along with the Nintendo Wii (which the TV is having trouble recognizing 100%), and everything looks pretty good :)

The "floating" shelf there is more than adequate for a integrated amp, not that I could legit USE an integrated amp with a Nintendo Wii, because that SOB hogs up five(5) RCA ports! I didn't even know a single component could HAVE five RCA ports!? But the Wii is more or less temporary, and I already had it on-hand, so I decided to give it a whirl (and it will activate the "Component" menu on the Input, but it will not display anything - even when turned on with a game inserted).

There is always a possibility of getting an Xbox XS, bu that is fairly Internet-reliant, and I don't want to mess with that (I would prefer a disc in physical format), so there are other Xbox models I am considering, but then again, sort of NOT considering getting a console, at all, because there are cooler things I am sure I can figure out to do with a TV.

The Chromecast (of course) will still not recognize the mobile hotspot on PDAnet+ (why? IDK), so I am basically relegated to a friggin' screensaver on the thing, for now. When I get my dedicated mobile hotspot (from Cricket Wireless), then I should be able to use the Chromecast to it's full functionality. I'll be upset if I couldn't.

But anyway, the TV console looks super good, and I am happy with it. The Polk Audio speakers are not being used with this rig, because there simply isn't any room on this particular wall to use the speakers (with OR without the stands - it's a no-go for now). And that brings me back to the (future) purchase of the integrated amplifier - I will likely utilize it for a soundbar, and a DAC, and little else. Other things can be used with it, but I won't get into some over-the-top crazy (and crazy wasteful) system of "home theatre". I just need to view things here and there. And perhaps a retro gaming system would be bought. I'd love an original NES or even NES emulator, as those games were/are friggin' awesome.

Back soon