Though I wasn’t “programming”, I was just installing Ghost(.org) software on a new VPS. I ran into some issues with the db configuration, which I *knew* something went wrong, but I am not troubleshooting it this morning. I will go back and do a `ghost uninstall` command, and restart the install process (tomorrow) – this time, with the domain already pre-configured to point to “” (which wasn’t configured before, not that the domain had a whole hell of a lot to do with the MySQL configuration on the VPS, but…ya know).nn**Goal?**nnGetting a nice theme that was *originally* only for Jekyll put onto the Ghost site (the same one used on [](, because I love how damn simple that theme is (W.C uses Jekyll though, I think).nn**Secondary goal?**nnHave a nice place to host relevant blog posts in regard to the building (or making) of **Thanx**. I DO like that I made the #dev tag here on **TMO**, but a GOOD/RELEVANT posts need to be consolidated into a single spot, I think. And that is exactly what this Ghost blog is for :)nnAgain, I will revisit it after I get some sleep. nnBack laternn#dev

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