all prepped up for the eight o'clock hour to roll around

...who knows if I will be awake for it.

I said yesterday that I am going on a Summer hike at Cliff Cave Park at 8:00 AM tomorrow, and I still plan to do so, but I woke up at 2:45 AM (it is 4:00 AM now) and I am still wide awake. In fact, I am having coffee.

A weird dream woke me up, but when I woke I was totally awake.

In the dream, two men were planning to rob a bar/pub, sort of like a Western TV show. The one guy was "new" to the scene, the other, an experienced criminal. The new guy was to sit at the bar and cause some sort of distraction for the barkeep, while the experienced criminal took money from the register.

It was "Western-like", but in modern times. The new guy who sat at the bar, I assumed (had an odd dream-like insinuation) had taken a drug, such as LSD. He sat with several other strangers, and then in my "dream", or my point-of-view, perception within the dream, scrolled over to the TV, and on it, an immense tidal wave was engulfing a beach, thousands of people being undertaken by the waves. Then the perception/point-of-view went back to the new guy at the bar, and he let out a laugh of disbelief and said "my God, the people". At that time, the experienced criminal from the seating behind said "shut up, God damn it!", and no one flinched.

The dream ended there. I woke up plenty awake. And on with the morning I went.

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