Between The Montana Excursion parts 1 and 2, that is the entirety of the photos I took on the trip through “the West”. Fact is, people were either chatting it up too much, or we would be in some form of a travel delay, or I would be looking at ways to get my ass back to STL, so, there wasn’t much time for photo snapping. nnBut, there are one or two pics from the camera roll that I will put on [tmo snapping]( here soon enough, but that will be later. nnFor me, for now, I just got back from walking to Schnucks to get proper food for a day or two (hopefully two), and will walk to BP around sunset, as well. I need to go to BP (again) and buy (more) smokes, because the pack from this morning is about gone. Somedays I smoke heavier than other days – not great, but it is what it is. Also, I stopped by my neighbor’s apartment (the 70-year-old dude) and BS’d with him for a bit, and we sat in the breezeway of his building and tried to avoid the sun. It was 84° then, and warmer now. But I’ll take it. nnThe Amtrak refund has not hit the bank, yet, but I am expecting it soon. Would be good/helpful. I searched tediously for the E-mail stating that I was being issued a refund and couldn’t find it, only to remember that I had found out via Voicemail, and I was reading/listening to it via a Google transcription service that comes with this phone. As the Voicemail plays, the text of which is displayed below the Play|Pause|whatever buttons, and that is why I *thought* it was an E-mail that I had read. Mixed memories, I suppose. Haha. nnEither way, it’ll be here soon. So, good. nnHope everyone is well

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