So, I went to the leasing office earlier, and I talked tot he manager there, and she had *no idea* of the “adventure” I had went on (I assumed they had taken issue with my rent being three days late, and were wondering where the hell their late fee was). So, I described (sometimes in great detail) the situation and (some/most) what went on, and she, “E”, the manager, and I had a bunch of laughs about the ups and downs and whatnot (which what else *can* I do besides laugh some of it off?), and she was glad that I was ok and doing well. She is very nice.nnAlso, I e-mailed the manager/case worker who worked at the shelter I had gotten assistance from in Kalispell, MT, and she she was very appreciative of the kind words. I basically wanted to express my appreciation plus let her know that I have made it home a-ok.nnSo, I have no worries about dealing with some sort of possible eviction, which I am glad about. The manager, “E”, was understanding of what went on, so there are no interruptions in the rent/lease and I didn’t even have a rent late fee :)nnSo I sit with contemplative coffee consumption. Knowing full well that X amount of dollars will be out the door and paid back to my sister for her assistance in “The Montana Excursion” (she helped in several (financial) ways when I was “out of luck” (as well as being an emotional support)). So, monies will be tight as hell next month. Not for regular bills and whatnot, but for “extraneous” expenditures :/nnThe coffee is good. The day is bright, warm, and breezy. No real complaints here.nnback soon

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