I finally, FINALLY got my Missouri Real ID made at the License Office earlier today. The current ID is now hole-punched “VOID”, and the new ID will arrive in 7-10 days :)nnGlad I got that out of the way, as I have been meaning to get one made since 2016 (when I moved here!), LOL!nnAnyway, I also put an additional $15 on the Linode account bringing the credit/balance to $27, so I should be good there for a couple months, I believe.nnSo now the checklist looks like this – nn✅ get a Missouri Real ID made (I have my Social Security card + birth certificate and all that documentation ready to go)n- get a COVID-19 booster from Schnucks (literally two blocks away) ASAPn- get a replacement debit card (it expires soon)n- get a Revolut Card for a secondary banking optionn- get a US Passport (optional)n✅ refill meds (Monday – Nov. 29)n✅ pay for ProtonMail Premiumn- put $120(+) on Linode account (to last me a while)n✅ cancel all (unused) domain name renewalsnnSo, all is good there. nnMedications arrived via USPS today, too. The tobacco order shipped, as well as the Home Depot order. And I have a living room full of Xmas decor to make my apartment look nice for the holiday 😀 And I am using a fake tree this year, as a real tree would have been a logistical hassle at this point. I am fine with the fake tree, though.nnThat’s where I’m at now. Be back soon.

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