Had a shower, shaved, changed clothes, turned on the central fan, closed the sliding glass door, and moving on through the night.

Some coffee would be nice, but, I am trying to keep my stomach level. It's 7:00 PM, and I will be up a fair amount of the night. I am in the usual position in the kitchen, at the desk/island, which is certainly better to be at during the night, because the bedroom "writing nook" is still too dark in there, even with the Wyze task lamp. The kitchen, well lit, for sure.

I feel a bit Hunter S Thompson-ish when I am writing at the desk/island, because HST kept his writing rig (a typewriter) in his kitchen, and I always admired HST, so I am happy with this little setup.

kitchen desk rig from behind
kitchen desk rig from the front

These are older photos (from a couple months back), but it is reflective of how things look now, mostly. I haven't done any handwriting as of recent, but the notebook is ready to go in the closet, should I even feel the need. Usually, it is just me and the laptop, writing whatever happens across my mind at that moment.

Soon, music

back later