all clicked-out, finding myself click-less

Just sitting here on Firefox on Desktop, and cruising through the lengthy, overloaded search history (same song and dance): type a letter, look through what's recommended, if it's a no-go, type another letter and see what's recommended there - a preposterous/unguided method of spending time online.

But I do it

So, I did that momentarily, realized there is near nothing of particular interest that I want to see online right now, so I stopped and just put on Tidal, instead.

One thing I noticed, the person whom I credit with me going vegetarian when I found her YT channel back in 2012, has for the most part ghosted from the Internet in recent months. Not that I "keep up" with a lot random "Internet people", though I've exchanged many e-mails with this person over the years, and it was her "vegan food budget" video from 2012 that had me discovering her channel on the built-in YouTube app on my iPod Touch back then. I watched hundreds of her vids, and I figured "if I'm going vegetarian, better listen to vegans, because they're "extreme" versions of that". And that the gist of her channel - vegan tips and whatnot.

Anyhow, out of sheer curiosity, I decided to snoop around a few more olden times channels, creators, bloggers, blah, blah from yesteryear of my Internet use. Some where there, hammering out Shorts on YT, or have a sparsely updated blog, or just flat out ditched their (old) persona altogether.

Onto more music


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