aiming for a hike tomorrow

8:00 AM, the time of day that I go hiking. Tomorrow is Sunday, so that is the time I will try to do exactly that. Usually, the sun has just started to peak above the horizon when I reach Cliff Cave Park, as I usually hike in the Fall, (sometimes) Winter, and Spring. But Summer hikes I have neglected. And of course I have, if you read my last post, you'd know why. So, I need to get into these (Summer hikes) again. Been years.

And now, the sun will be in "full swing" when I reach CCP. It is usually coming up and making a lighting the sky nicely around 6:00 AM (when I try to snap a photo of it from the Oakville Plaza parking lot, on a Schnucks run (most mornings). And tomorrow I will try to snag a few photos, too (of the hike, of course - Schnucks can wait).

more later

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