So much to write about – where to start? What to say? It’ll all get written about over time. But, for now, it is Mother’s Day, and I texted the moms this AM, but will not be able to go over there for a gathering, because I am at home healing. Blistered feet, a very swollen left foot (swelling is down today, though), and…that’s it. That’s the extent of my physical “injuries” at this point (the rest of me is OK). nnDefinitely have an altered mindset and a fairly optimistic, and appreciative, view of things now. A lot of things, good and bad, are seen daily out on the road – from Amtrak to Montana, where I was stranded outside of Glacier National Park, to walking for *miles* down a nowhere road near Glacier Airport, to a brief ER visit from banged up feet, to being destitute and stranded and broke in Kalispell, MT. for 2.5 days, and then finally a trip home via bus back to S St Louis County. Home free, hardships behind, lessons learned, etc. nnThank DognnSo, I walked on this fine Spring day over to Schnucks, wearing just sandals and no socks, and fetched some good grub, and just finished an iced coffee just now. I fire up a Lucky Strike – I hear the wind chimes, and neighbors talking, and a distraught dog howling in the distance. The sliding glass door is wide open, the air is fresh and crisp and clean, I got 6.5 hours of sleep, in MY bed, and I caught up on blogs last night and this morning. Not *too* many entries from different bloggers over the course of the past eight days, but there was some catching up to do. My last entry on this blog was from a Quality Inn room in North Dakota (well, previous to last night’s post just stating that I was home and doing alright). Seems like North Dakota was *months* ago. Different time, different people around me, different mindset, different situation. Things are better now, with some difficulty in between then and now.nnSo, anyway, Home Sweet Home. Thank Blog. And more updates later.nnback soon

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