ah yes, an update on this sunny day

It was sunny, but the night has fallen and it is 8:11 PM now, but it was good :)

I went to IC today, assisting with several things, and making good use of my time.

I came home and visited with Neighbor "S", and enjoyed the breeze and clouds on his balcony. Had a jaunt to Schnucks and bought some mandatory groceries for the apartment.

Therapy tomorrow

I need a shower as I feel I sweat all day, even though I don't think I broke a sweat at any time throughout the day (though I was quite busy).

Also, ran simple updates on this Ghost VPS. Updated to Ghost v 5.13.0 from 5.12.0 (minor update) and it went swimmingly.

I also ran the Ghost CLI update prompt before that, and as I mentioned in posts previously, npm is still on the fritz, and from what I've seen in documentation and other sources, it is npm itself that is having issues - not Ghost CLI in and of itself.

A bunch of "error" suggestions recommend I switch over to a different Node Package Manager (aka NPM) via the GoogleAPIs Github account (Google uses Github? Whaaa?) but that seems like a monumental (and likely impossible) mountain to climb, considering I have no say/authority over what package manager Ghost uses for it's software. Still, I wouldn't know dick from door nails on what/how to do that, anyway, so...

So, npm will resolve itself eventually, I suppose. There's some slim chance I can reinstall npm altogether for this particular Ghost instance, but if I were to go that route, I may as well start afresh with a clean install of Ghost on a differrent (yet identical) VPS on Linode. But, worst comes to worst, the blog goes down and the entire thing is already backed up via the ghost backup command on this server, and I just access that file (or download the contents of it) and then fire up a new Ghost instance, and then "upload" the contents of the old (this) blog, and not many would know ther difference, I don't think.

What I am basically saying is: I am not going to fix whatever is going on until it DOES break - mostly because I have been troubleshooting the npm issue for several days, on and off, and my hands seem to be a bit tied with it, so...

On with the night


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