Made coffee and am about to fire up some “Hot Cocoa With A Kick” tobacco (my homemade blend of Maduro cigar leaf, Paladin Black Cherry, and Presbyterian Mixture). How this ended up smelling like hot cocoa in the jar (or, the tin note), I will never know. It smells *just* like hot cocoa, though. The “kick” comes in with the cigar leaf (which is high on nicotine). Delicious blend. Delicious coffee, too.nn**The den**nnSoon I will have a legit writer’s den (in my living room) – the easy chair, and faux fireplace, and the desk (which I hope to get, and I likely will – but if not, I will buy it myself), and the speaker system flanking said desk – everything about the room screams “writing is happening here”. LOL! Will feel good to be out of the kitchen the majority of the day, as that is where the desk built-in to this apartment is located.nnI believe in the philosophy of the late Art Dudley (of Stereophile and Listener Magazine) that; “the hobby (of high-end audio) should accommodate the listener – not the other way around”. And what he meant by that was, no need for sound treatments on the wall, no real need for a “dedicated” listening space, and no special “moves” be made to have good sound quality. And I feel the same way about writing, and producing “good” writing – I don’t want a/the writing den to be “off somewhere else” in the apartment, and I don’t want to do a bunch of stuff to make it happen – just set up my *main* living space with the desk, the easy chair, the laptop setup (and maybe some handwriting tools, as well?), and then I am off to the races!nnI’ve seen people buy/rent/build “writer’s cabins”, or, “writer’s sheds”, but, if I had one, I would simply live in the thing, haha! There’s no house full of ankle-biters, or half a zoo’s worth of animals living with me, so I can just live minimally and comfortably and be good to go!nnGonna finish this coffee, this pipe, and relax. Back later.

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