Well, a snowy morning anyway. It's overcast, and still dusting fairly heavily out there. The plow truck finally came through the parking lot, so I guess people don't have to risk slamming into parked cars if/when they try to go somewhere (which is a foolish thing to do in this weather anyway, because the roads leading to anywhere are still slick, icy, snowy, a mess).

I am in for the day, and I enjoyed my leisurely walk to BP. The things I ordered online the other day (Wyze floor lamp, CBD gummies, pipe tobacco order) are all in different parts of the country, and only the CBD gummies seem to be on-the-move (coming from Canada, and are in Lenexa, KS. right now). The floor lamp is surprisingly shipping from Greenwood, IN. - only two states away! And, I cancelled the order for the "high end" nail clippers and smartphone stand, because I need to order an Old Timer Scout folding pocket knife, instead. Mainly to ream out the bowls of the tobacco pipes. And I realize how much of an old fogey I must sound like right now, but IDGAF. Oddly, I think this OT Scout knife is the same model I used to have when I was a kid - as I had about five or six (REAL) knives to tool around with growing up (for "doing stuff in the woods", as that was an important activity back then). I even had a butterfly knife, and a (dull, poor man's) machete. Now, the only blade I have is a CRKT Minimalist pocket knife - very small, and perfect for splicing open fruit (which is it's main use-case), but I need an "outdoors" knife, as well as something I can "dirty up" and ream out pipe bowls with, get muddy, whatever.

I did inherit my late-Father's Leatherman Wingman multitool (which I think he sharpened to a razor's edge himself - because there is no way it was that sharp when he got it), but, I put it back in the desk drawer at the 'rents house, because I did not want anything to happen to it. As far as the other (better) Leatherman he has in his drawer, I never messed with that one other than to put it back in the original case, because that was a well-used "daily carry" for him since at least the early-90s. Thw Wingman, on the other hand, looked like it had barely been touched (other than to be sharpened), and it is speculated that he received the WM as a retirement gift (2008 or so?), but it never ended up replacing his (perfectly good) original Leatherman (which model, I do not know).

Anyway, gonna order the OT Scout blade as soon as I get the refund from the other stuffs. Staying in.

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