afternoon sleeps and missed appointments

Directly related to one another! LOL!

I did laundry earlier and was dragging, so I had a short nap, and a 1/2 hour rest turned into a two hour sleep, so I missed my doc appt (psych, via TeleHealth), and now I feel like a crappy patient. Haha. Been consistent with this doc for 6+ years, and only missed/was late to a couple appts, and this is one of them :/

But laundry got done. I will reschedule the doc soon here, possibly for late September, or whenever she has available. Meds will likely stay the same, though she may request we "up" the main psych med, which we sort of intended to do all along. The med is good, but I am on a introductory level dose. 20 mg twice per day, which can be taken at the same time once per day, so, 40mg in one dose, so I just do that. If it is safe to take 80 (or so) mg once per day, then upping the dose is fine with me.

ok, so, yea. That's all.


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