I am sitting here and thinking about addiction. After writing [this blog post]( on Sunday, and me going back and re-reading it, I think: “why DO people go and revisit old addictions?” I mean, I am saying this as a recovering addict, myself (amphetamines as a teenager, alcohol in my early-20’s, and social media addiction in my late-20’s/early-30’s). If/when I ever think back to an old addiction, and the misery is caused me during the time I was addicted to said substance/activity, I *never* want to go back and revisit it. I mean, I never let my guard down, and I *continue* to acknowledge that I will *always* be in a state of recovery, but when I put any type of logical thought behind doing so and so activity, I *never* want to re-live a time like that ever again.nnBut, some people act/think different, and that’s how it is, sometimes :/nnAnyway, as I mentioned (in the title) I am having afternoon espresso, and enjoying the breeze and the sunshine with the sliding glass door open. Enjoying the day.nnback soon

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