4:15 PM, had coffee, zoned out in front of the text editor for a while, haha. Have the central fan running, but not the floor fan, because it is cool-ish and overcast outside and I do not have the sliding glass door open, so a cross breeze is not possible. I figured it would be for days when the sun is out, and it is 50+ degrees out, and I can have a cross breeze coming through the apartment. For now, the central fan is fine.

Tomorrow the STLWX is supposed to warm up, or stay warm, I should say. 60+ degrees, and today was supposed to be 59, but it didn't reach that due to clouds. Oh well.

No particular plans for tomorrow, besides laundry at 6:00 AM. That and rescheduling the psych doc appointment, because I will be busy on the day the appointment is scheduled right now. Wednesday, therapy and the pet rescue donation, because....I don't know why, actually. We had planned to go to the rescue on Thursday, but now it is changing for Wednesday afternoon (just after the therapy appointment). It is in House Springs, Missouri, so a fair ways away from here. Afterwards, I will do some grocery shopping at my local Schnucks. Or perhaps I will get that taken care of Tuesday? IDK. We'll see.

Now, more coffee. Second cup of the afternoon. Folgers instant, double-scoop. Non-espresso, simple java.

News, blogs, and and feeds are barren (correct spelling?) today. I fired up the 1Feed app (or Website) several times today, and there is nothing new published. I also visited Read.write.as a couple times, and there always seems to be a couple things worth reading on there, but some days it's all relatively new content, just not a lot of stuff that I am interested in. And it seems that Write.as is fairly diverse in terms of the type of content put on there - tech oriented material, art, creative writing, theological content, politics, etc. Some of that stuff I find interesting, but most of what goes on there isn't my cup of tea. There are a few journal type "publications", or traditional blogs, and still a few "regulars" are sticking around from years back, which (to their credit) they are still writing the same series type of content they have been writing for years. Not that a dedicated "series" or "installment" of a type of post is necessary - hell, people can write anything about anything at any time that they want. But it is somewhat "comforting" to me to see consistency in what people put on their blog/website/whatever.

But still, for most of the blogs I follow (be it R.w.a or on 1Feed) there is on average one post per week, and of course I read (or end up reading) the ones that get updated every couple of days maybe. I mean I still read the other blogs, as well, but there is just more of the others, so I kind of tend to like (or get to like) the ones that are updated more.

Coffee is good

Themes, though. Themes are not common in nearly any type of blog in 2022, it seems. And nearly all (fledgling) attempts I have seen by someone to turn a standard blog into a dedicated "themed" publication have either stopped after several weeks, or several days, or perhaps even after just one post. And now, there is a fair amount of hype around newsletters. A newsletter about a particular "theme"? A newsletter about a summary of one's interests, ideas? I do not know. For myself, I basically stopped trying to make/run a newsletter some time ago, because I knew I couldn't/wouldn't blow up someone's e-mail inbox with tons of stuff every day, and I saw no way of making weekly summaries without either using something like Substack, or MailChimp, or LetterBird, or whatever the fuck is out there in 2022. I mean, it's a thing I can do, but I do not see the point in it whatsoever. A blog is fine.

I subscribe to maybe four newsletters, and perhaps that is why the RSS reader is empty, and why I can't find anything on dedicated blogs that I visit outside of a feed reader -  everyone is hammering away the juicy gossip in their newsletters. LOL!

But really, most content and writing that goes on today (as a whole) occurs primarily on Twitter (I am assuming, because this was how things were going in 2019 when I left the service). Threads, thread'ing applications, newsletter based thread letters - whatever the convoluted method of getting words out to people online that the masses adopted due to convenience. And it's fine considering people just wholesale admit and adapt to the fact that no one can/will click a link, or do anything to move away from their social application of choice when they are in some mental freeze of dopamine toxicity. It ensures that your followers read what you have to say, and perhaps a few other folks see it, too (if the beginning of the thread gets RT's), but it also ensures that that writing will stay where it is. Anything short of downloading an entire "Tweet history" from the service, itself, and then parsing through an individual timeline, and finding what what said, and then doing a copy/paste method - nearly everything that gets Tweeted/threaded primarily lives with Twitter and goes nowhere else. Obviously, if the objective is interaction/attention to that Tweet/thread, then, mission accomplished. Anything beyond that is just a text barf of burnt words. At least to me the concept of threads is much more akin to longform "chatting". Something that can be taken or left with little consequence, temporary and superfluous in nature - nothing that indicates or implies that the writing is "there to stay", or "meant to be saved".

So, that's not helpful. That the vast majority of what gets written online occurs in a thread/chat format, because Twitter (as I see it) will probably cease to exist in 5-10 years time. Much like AOL Chatrooms (and the entirety of their histories) are now vaporware, and any point of reference that could (possibly) looked back upon is not available.

Just sort of glad I don't put content on Twitter any longer. And if someone else does, it's perfectly fine (I don't care much what other people do), but it just creates an arbitrarily walled garden for content written.

It's whatever though. Twitter won, and readers/writers alike have lost. Womp-womp.

back soon