Got the sliding glass door open, as well as the window, and I have the AC running, so it is Indulgence City(TM) over here ;)

As I enjoy the breeze and the sun, I have afternoon coffee. Folgers instant, which is the usual for now.

I received my antibiotics via delivery, and I took one for the day (it is once a day), and look forward to it clearing up what needs to be cleared up.

Also, I ordered a 20 inch floor fan for the apartment. Mostly because I want to enjoy nice days like this, but I do NOT want to have to crank on the AC every time the sun comes out past Winter. It is also nice to have a breeze throughout the apartment during the Spring/Fall, as well. Lightbulbs were ordered, too (Cree, 60 watt, "Daylight" bulbs).

back soon