(almost afternoon)

56 degrees outside right now, and I just walked in from BP where I bought the usual Mt Dew Code Red and Mt Dew Live Wire (neither are energy drinks, just cherry and orange sodas - but they sound like they have eXtReMe energy!). And now I sit near but not in the sunlight coming in through the blinds on the sliding glass door, which is open halfway and letting in the nice air. It's almost noon and I have no plans for the day, but tomorrow will see grocery shopping and probably laundry (laundry might happen tonight, actually, as I didn't get it done this morning). Chances are, Schnucks will be a madhouse of shoppers because bad STLWX is moving in, and people need "stockpile" and "prep" and go crazy, but, it's whatever. And the usual (habitual) type of foods will be bought at Schnucks tomorrow, too - nothing "new" or special.

be back soon