I know there are Codes of Conduct, Terms of Service, etc., but in society, *outside* of the WWW, people should be discussing/informing/advising/and flat-out TELLING people to not be a jerk on the Internet. Like, there’s obvious (and instinctive) incentives to do so (to be nice in real life), because there are immediate and perhaps irreversible consequences for having done so or not done so.nnBut the WWW gets this big pass on human etiquette for some reason or another. A cowardly “I’m here, and you can’t touch me” approach to communication that goes something like; “if you’re “anonymous” (or at least faceless), then eviscerate the other person to the best of your ability – zero(0) fucks given”.nnIt’s why people (like me) completely avoid avenues of correspondence and communication online. A friendly e-mail here and there with a few folks? OK, great. Fine. But passive, fast, quick, inconsequential (off-handed) comments of negativity in a “social space”? To hell with that!nnTreat others as you’d like to be treated, is what I am saying. That’s all.nnBack later

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