Maybe it’s my Night Owl tendencies. maybe it’s *this*, maybe it’s *that* – but regardless, I feel better. No questioning it.nnSo now, I read some BS (I mean it *is* BS, really – I am not just saying that) about Gary Vee on I won’t comment a lot about him, because he’s just a hyped up snake oil dealer, but it was the first time I had seen/heard anything about NFTs in quite some time (he had some sort of concert/conference where he announced a series of the worthless emoji).nnI, personally, don’t deal with NFTs, or “Web 3”, or Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies, or Etherum(sp?), or blockchain or any of those things. It’s just scam stuff. Very tech-oriented, and “pay to play” type of scam stuff (as a lot of pyramid schemes tend to be), but yea, don’t get fooled.nnI *will* say one thing nice about what has come of the whole thing (everything I mentioned – whatever category one would place them in), and that is that Bitcoin has some *really* nice looking hardware wallets. Their ledgers/wallets *can* look pretty damn sharp. I looked into them (just to oggle the hardware alone – not that they ALL look great), and apparently, many of them only accept a certain *type* of cryptocurrency, though some accept nearly all. So, with that, I think: “what are the chances anyone could ever repurpose one of these things as something *other* than a wallet/ledger?”. The chances are probably zilch, but it’s a shame that the nice design(s) will go to waste.nnAs will the “fortunes” they once contained (I heard Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies are crashing through the floor right now (6.11.2022), and some have hit flat zero).nnThat’s how it goes, though.nnAnyway, I will be back later

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