I had no idea there was a Dark Mode for the editor on Ghost. I mean, the blog has a Dark Mode, but I didn't realize that the entirety of the service (for me) could go into DM by toggling it next to the Settings menu. Neat.

I did manage to get about a 45 minute nap - which is nothing compared to the seven+ hours sleep I actually NEED throughout the night, but at least I don't feel miserable right now. And during all this time, my mood has been (surprisingly) good, but I know that things (mentally) are going astray until I get sleep caught up, improved.

Anyway, I slammed some water after waking up, trying to stay hydrated is another thing I have been slacking on, in a way. It is Winter which means I don't feel that thirsty all that often, because I am not hot/sweating throughout the day, so I fall behind on water consumption, so I have to make a deliberate/mental effort to fill the 1/2 Liter water bottle and drink one every so often. I think it is always important to get 2 full Liters of water a day (because that is usually what is medically/nutritionally recommended). Also, it's water - it's life!

back soon