Just got in three hours of sleep (from 4:00 until 7:00), and I feel refreshed, but wish I hadn’t slept *that* long, because now I will likely be pulling an all-nighter. Oh well.nnCoffee is good, as is the Kentucky tobacco (which I am having with the sliding glass door open a bit, as it is beautiful and windy outside). It is *crazy* windy outside, too, with Tornado Warnings in upper-West Missouri, as well as other states in that area – another multi-state storm, unfortunately :(nnMan, dark-fired Kentucky tobacco *really* fills me up. Meaning *literally*, it makes me feel full, like I just had a large meal. Not sure why nicotine heavy blends do that, but they do (for me), and it is quite nice. nnThe sirens (from police/paramedics) are going here, as well as the wind chimes, and the rustling of the leaves, and the snapping of twigs and everything else – a very ambient type of night, in some ways.nnTonight will definitely see me out on the balcony, having a smoke of the same Kentucky leaf, out of the Royal Duke, because the Rossi needs to be cleaned up before I use it again (as it is starting to get wet/clogged). I definitely don’t like the *shape* of this (misprinted, warped, whatever) Royal Duke pipe, but it smokes very well, so that is all that I can ask for, I suppose.nnBack soon

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