![](https://i.snap.as/GMVgk4Xa.png)nnI am (or was, earlier) writing an abstract (a summary of a document, before having “consumed” said document) for [Unmedia](https://write.as/tmo/unmedia-by-tmo) that I wrote here a while back on **TMO**. I wrote the abstract for a zine, because the zine maker said the FULL “article”?, entry?, was too long for the digital version (it’s 2,100 words in total). So, I suggested I write an abstract for it (Unmedia), and include the index at the bottom of the abstract, and the FULL article can go in the print version. They agreed, and so I wrote up an abstract, and submitted it as a Markdown file and a PDF.nnNeat stuffnnmore on this later

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