So, I was clicking around on DuckDuckGo News, and I was looking for information on the new Paramore album (their sixth) which is set to be released...whenever. I'm sure it will be enjoyable in many respects, but living up to the "hype" and energy of the first four albums is un-doable, in my opinion (the fifth album was mostly horrible). Sort of like how the Sick Boy character in Trainspotting philosophized about "at one point you've got it, and then you lose it - and then it's gone forever, in ALL walks of life!".

So, Paramore's sixth album is not something I am falling over myself to hear, but I will hear it, and enjoy it. Somewhat.

But, upon my DDG search, I came across an interview with MSN/BBC/Microsoft News, or whatever the hell the over-conglomerated (word?) publication was called, and it was an interview with Hayley Williams (lead singer of Paramore), and she made a passive attempt at opining/quipping on the "state of music" now, in 2022, and how she thought of it, etc.

Cool. Fine. Awesome. She's not wrong nor right - just an opinion she happens to have. Doesn't matter.

And then I thought about how I, me, TMO (a relatively obscure "small web" nobody in these far off parts of the WWW), has/have any number of opinions/quips about such and such and etcetera. And how I feel that I am completely liberated and relieved that I do NOT have the labels and responsibility of being a Someone In The World(TM), or "an influencer", or a Person Of High Status in life. I just say/do what I like, and if people like me, and my opinions and thoughts of this and that, as I am, then people can either accept my words and go from there, or dismiss them and carry on - no harm no foul either way.

And I thought of how she, Hayley Williams, must find it an awkward challenge to be completely segregated into a realm of being a vanguard for Emo music of the mid-2000's, and how that label/niche is not only metaphorically stamped on her forehead for the rest of her time in the spotlight, but how a deviation from that "state of mind" (as she said in this interview "Emo is a state of mind") would be a dismantling of her "image", and perhaps "blasphemy" to the die-hards who worshipped the scene (no pun intended (Emo enthusiasts often called the style "Scene")), itself, from the early-2000's on forward. Like if Mitch Luker (of Suicide Silence - now dead from a motorcycle accident - RIP) had decided to release a bubbly Pop Punk album (he was the lead vocalist for Suicide Silence at a time when that band was considered the "vanguard" of the Deathcore genre), or if Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat/Fugazi decided to start using drugs or/and alcohol (Ian having written the song "Straight Edge" which spurred an entire movement/following in regards to being "hardcore" in nature, but avoiding drug or/and alcohol consumption) - a 180 in "who they are" and "what they're about" could/would be seen as a sort of "treason" in their select tag of pop culture.

So, the long and short of it - Thank Blog I am who I am and do what I do (which is "whatever" all the time - write (online) mostly). I don't have a particular "genre" or "niche" I have to abide by and live up to. No pressure in my world. Just words and thoughts and feelings and observances and the enjoyment of life.

To the no ones! And to everyone who never painted themselves into a corner!

back soon