Phone is at 20%, and I should’ve been charging it when I had a 3-ish hour nap just now, but I didn’t. Oh well.nnMaking coffee right now. Have the heat ON, even though it is only 52F outside, and the heat doesn’t have to be on, but…there ya go.nnLeg is mending nicely. Can walk normal again, and the tightness/rigidity of the shin muscle is concentrated to one (small) area of the upper-center shin muscle. Sort of like a bad “Charlie Horse”. Still, I have to be very careful with it, for sure.nnNow, (along with the coffee) I am having Solani tobacco and have since swapped out having the heater ON to turning the central fan ON, because it warmed it *fast* in here, *too* fast. So now I am airing the place out, lol!nnAnyway, I have some pretty clear re-design plans for **Thanx**. As in, every single page on the service (which makes up about four or five pages, currently). I have no clue when I will implement them, as there are things that are higher on the priority list before then, but I have all the ideas sketched out in the spiral notebook, and I am happy with how things *will* look ;)nnOf course, git things are happening well before/during that process, as well. So, a lot of things are happening, and I have my work cut out for me, and I feel good about that :)nnOK, gonna have more coffee (the first one didn’t turn out great (not hot enough)). Patience is a virtue.nnBe back soon.

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