So, I happened across a little "hub", a "spot", a digital "cafe" of sorts a bit ago. Not dissimilar to, or, or even little "nooks" of the Internet such as (for those inclined to use, but, the "motto" of this "cafe"/"hub"/whatever, was that it would be(come) addictive.

And I saw what they were talking about - the little noises/sound effects from different elements of the page, the simplistic design, the clean/narrow fonts used throughout - I could see myself visiting and revisiting all the time.

But, I bailed. I left the page and won't go back. Because the Internet is NOT supposed to be about addictive attributes. And what the Internet is "supposed" to be "about" - who the hell knows? It's here, it's there, it's utilitarian, and informative, it's entertaining and a timesuck. It happened, and continues to happen, and we all play a roll (like it or not).

I'm glad I am (somehow) "a part of it". Or, I am glad to be alive in a time when it exists. We used to not have all these pixelated sources of info and stimulation, and I am sure everything about that wasn't "as good" (or at least not "the same as") now. And only the Here and Now (and the future) matters. Referring to (or worse, mourning) the past is life drained to oblivion. Be, and do, your best at every turn. And choose life.

back soon