Ordered a cheese pizza (thin crust), and bread sticks (+ marinara) from Domino's Pizza just now, and that will be lunch/dinner. I am also going "smokeless" for a while, gonna avoid tobacco and just use nicotine gum, because tobacco is gross in many respects.

It's a nice day outside, sunny. Quite nice.

tooth admin

My tooth has been feeling better, and I am glad I have an appointment to have it pulled, but I think the Amoxicillin has fought off the infection (mostly), and I still have several more days worth of capsules to take, and hopefully the pain will be "totally" gone by the time extraction time arrives (be it in a week or whenever). The nerve-endings are gone in that tooth, I barely feel it, as I think they all self-destructed that Evening From Hell(TM) when I had no Tylenol nor Motrin. But, it still has to be pulled, of course.

back soon