a writer's viewpoint (one of many)

Sometimes isolation gets to me

Things are turning around when I am enrolled in Independence Center, and I make the trek there several times a week. Makes friends. See people. Better times.

Now is not that time though

So I witness/experience a sensation of isolation and loneliness, and the "maxim" or "mental formulae" (or perhaps "state-of-mind") in regards to this goes as such:

A day is passing with little interaction. Nowhere to go to in the immediate future. No one around. Nothing to "add on to" or to "contribute" other than a blank canvas text editor staring at me, saying "hey, fucko - what's what?".

So, I respond sincerely and with the best articulation that I can muster.

It's just one way of viewing what my life is/is about for umpteen years.

And so it is

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