There are many services under the WriteFreely/Write.as umbrella:nnWrite.asnSnap.asnRemark.asnDiscuss.write.asnnHere’s how I see it working better together (in my mind) – have everything under one **unifying** domain. So like this:nnexample.com/user/writenexample.com/user/snapnexample.com/user/remarknexample.com/user/discussnnThe `.COM` is important, because that is (apparently) much better for search engines, SEO, could bring in more customers and whatnot.nnAnd under each page, there could still be menus for *that* service, as well (such as “Home”, and “Cafe”, and “Mail” for Remark.as).nnAnd, each service would still be operational as **it’s own** service – so, “write.as/user” would still be a working URL, as would “snap.as/user”, etc. (this way, people who are already on the service do not experience dead links due to the “example.com/user/service” change).nnThis “unifying domain” would have all the links needed for a particular service at the top of that page. So, sort of like;nnWrite | Snap | Remark | DiscussnnOr (more easily), it can be a simple drop-down menu next to the “Publish” button (on Write.as). That way, it is easy to toggle real fast between Snap.as, Remark.as, and Discuss.write.as (better than always putting in the domain manually in the URL bar or needing to click an (external) bookmark).nnThe toggle feature (I think) is something that could be done fairly easily (but I do not know, as I am not *that* gifted as a web dev, personally). But it would be most useful for going from Snap.as to Write.as, by putting the *same* toggle feature in the upper-right of Snap.as (so, toggle *to* Write.as, Remark.as, Discuss.write.as (as all three of those services support the shortlink provided by Snap.as (at least I *think* they do)).nnSo, starting out, I think a toggle “feature” (for all services) would be a good thing to do. But, a unifying (.COM) “parent” site would be nice, also.nnJust my two cents. Anyone else agree?

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