Got in the standard resistance bands workout just now. As well as the core-tightening yoga pose (front leaning rest position). Need to get the blood flowing if I am to stay awake (since I cannot sleep).nnAlso, I am having a couple pieces of nicotine gum (I chew two 2mg pieces at a time, which makes 4mg, which is what I should buy in the first place), because I am sick as hell of smoking cigarettes. The are repulsive. On a one-off occasion, they are OK, but I *much* prefer pipe tobacco, or even nicotine gum when I don’t have pipe tobacco. The difference between pipe tobacco and cigarettes are night and day. Pipe tobacco has *flavor*, is *filling* (satisfying), and I also don’t inhale pipe tobacco, so I am not coughing/weezing all the damn time. Cigarettes are the opposite – flavorless (or, just have *bad* flavor), leave me always wanting another one (e.g. not satisfying), and I have to inhale the damn things, causing me to cough. Gross, altogether.nnBut anyway, the workout felt really good. Enjoyed it.nnback later

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