I have to say this, because I have (in the past) heralded, spoke-highly of, and even been a cheerleader for the blogging service Write.as: I don't think it is a good "investment". In fact, I think it is pissing money straight down the toilet. Go to Read.write.as, and after it manages to load up, and click on any blog from that feed, and you'll be partaking in a waiting game (waiting for the blog to load). And that is a person's blog. Their domain. Their words and content. But, by hosting such content on the Write.as/WriteFreely platform, everything is behind a "load screen", and most of the time it results in a server error. It's been like that for 6+ months now, and it will never stop being this way. And the same can be said for Remark.as, Discuss.write.as, and the like.

So, I've (mostly) come to the conclusion that the maintainer of that service (names will not be named - but everyone knows who) is not merely "inadequate" in keeping the "uptimes" good, and not merely cavelier about what works and when, but I feel that the team (one guy) behind the (small, yet large in some respects) WF empire is lowkey sunsetting the service, through unreliable functionality, ignored Github issues, seen but not responded to forum "help" queries, unanswered e-mails, and so on. The "free" registrations are now closed, it's a paid service exclusively now (though that veil was supposed to be lifted last month, which would allow free sign-ups again, and that, too, will never happen). And, they just celebrated a "7 Year Anniversary" where the Pro accounts were heavily discounted - IF YOU PAID FOR FIVE YEARS! I figured that a heavy discount during a 5 Year Anniversary was kind of quirky and made sense, but now every year (probably) there will be a five year up-front "sale", and no one gets a discount if simply paying for a single year of Pro - you gotta put up real dough.

Now, why this is bad financially, is because there is not likely to be any type of Write.as/WF software to be used/found on the Internet in five years. Think about it, that is 2027! So, what I am saying is this, if anyone wants to use anything from under the WF umbrella, maybe consider using (or giving a small trial run to) WriteFreely on your own server, but don't expect much to happen by way up big or small updates to that software if something breaks. It is going to be sunset as well, I'm sure.

It's a shame that it came to that, and not merely a shame but an outright mistruth when the maintainer decides to run discounts of multi-year plans when he, and everyone involved, knows he has nearly no intention of scaling said service, or even providing core maitenance to it. And usually there is a (weak) excuse that "WF is smalll, we don't have much moneeeey, it's a one man shoooow" - well, then either KEEP the service small so it can be maintained or hire more employees to make it work. Not hard.