Which, the afternoon is still part of the “day”, right? Like, late-day. pre-evening, after-noon-day? I’d say so.nnEither way, it is starting to slowly get dark outside (at 3:45), and I am having coffee, and have yet to text my sisters to see what they would like for Xmas. I will do so around 5:00 PM, as they will be off work at that time. IF they are working today, which isn’t likely due to it being the day before Thanksgiving.nnNot much to say about the day, it was/is nice, but no eventful events occurred. Just another one for the books. No complaints.nnI should write slower. The blog posts on my first/front page of **TMO** get more reads/views when I let them “marinate” a while, and don’t push them down, off the front page with new posts. We’ll see, haha.nnThat’s it for now, I think. Be back soon.

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