[I wrote of Vagabond Bob on TMO before](https://write.as/tmo/dead-end-debits-and-crossing-the-path-of-vagabond-bob), and he is a recurring character in this area of Oakville. A staple vagabond, the friendly homeless, a harmless incarnation of destitution. I don’t make light of his situation (I was in a similar spot at the beginning of May, when I was SOL in Kalispell, MT. needing to get back to St Louis ASAP!)nnI was sitting here, at the desk/island in my kitchen/living room, puffing a pipe, thinking of which YT category I wanted to browse next, when I saw a figure come into into view walking in the direction of the parking lot in the courtyard. Vagabond Bob. Walking, shuffling, but moving at a steady clip. Wearing the same clothes we was dawning the last time I saw him (whenever I published the post I linked above). Rough times for him, indeed. I hope he gets the help he needs/deserves, and that things work out for him. I don’t know his story – just blips of words here and there, and cordial greetings when I do happen across him. nnAnyway, I saw him and wanted to write about his re-appearance in this area. Usually it is not on the apartment complex property that I see him (though he *was* a resident here in 2016/17). Usually it is out and about on Gebhardt Road or Baumgartner Road. But here he is!nnback soon

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